01 March 1791

GW at Philadelphia. GW wrote to John Adams requesting his attendance at a Senate Convention he had called for Friday, 4 March. GW also wrote to Attorney General Edmund Randolph asking his opinion on Samuel Dodge’s petition. Dodge asked for a pardon for unwittingly violating a law against unloading cargo after dark. After pondering the constitutional limits of the pardoning power, GW would later grant the request.

Secretary of War Henry Knox wrote about the difficulties of managing relative ranks in the expanded military. Joseph Anderson wrote to GW defending himself against accusations that were threatening his appointment as a judge in the Southwest Territory.

Catharine Sawbridge Macaulay Graham, a prominent woman in British literary and philanthropic circles, sent a pamphlet she had written criticizing British statesman Edmund Burke’s negative views of the French Revolution. GW would later add it to his library.


01 March 1791