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Title Daily Entry
06 July 1775

GW at the American headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His General Orders include court martials for four men on the basis of desertion and theft, an order for Capt. Noadiah Leonard of Col.

15 April 1791

In Va., GW traveled from Petersburg to Nottoway. He wrote in his diary that he engaged two new horses to draw his baggage wagon.

07 April 1791

GW traveled from Mount Vernon to Dumfries, Va. GW wrote in his diary that all of his horses, harnessed to his carriage, jumped overboard during the ferry ride at Colchester.

23 March 1791

GW travelling from Wilmington, Del., to Warwick, Md., to Chester, Md. GW, in his diary, noted that his group planned to embark by boat from Rockhall, Md. in the morning.

28 May 1762

GW at Mount Vernon.  He reported in his diary tobacco planting and horse breeding.  GW wrote Robert Cary & Co. on business matters, but primarily related to disappointing tobacco sales.

02 April 1789

GW at Mount Vernon. His Philadelphia business agent Clement Biddle wrote an update on his order of goods, which included a cock’d hat and buckwheat for fertilizer.