14 March 1791

GW at Philadelphia. GW recorded paying £25.11 to William Craik, son of GW’s good friend Dr. James Craik, to defray expenses for Craik’s securing vacant land in Md. for him.

Peter Jaquett wrote to GW asking for an interview in order to clear himself of any wrongdoing in the complex affair concerning Joseph Anderson’s appointment to a judicial post. GW ultimately refused Jaquett’s request to meet.

Secretary of War Henry Knox submitted a plan for increasing the size of the military, requesting the approval of GW. Preparing for a long absence of his tour of the southern states, GW responded to Knox, approving his plans concerning Indian affairs, recruiting troops, fixing boundaries, obtaining supplies for troops, and “all other necessary arrangements belonging to your department,” concluding that he knew he would have “good and sufficient cause to approve your conduct.”


14 March 1791