10 April 1792

GW at Philadelphia. GW wrote to Roman Catholic bishop John Carroll thanking him for his idea of giving the Indians religious instruction. GW explained that unfortunately the Indian War prevented such intercourse.

Prussian officer Bartholomew Von Heer wrote GW asking for a captain’s commission, but would receive no appointment. Dr. James Mease wrote GW declining his commission as a surgeon’s mate. Secretary to the Senate Samuel Allyne Otis wrote GW nominating himself to be treasurer of the U.S. Mint, but would not be appointed.

Gouverneur Morris responded from London to GW’s 28 Jan. letter. He discussed Britain’s foreign relations, including his low opinion of the Spanish ambassador to Britain. Thomas Jefferson wrote a memorandum on a treaty with Algiers to redeem captured United States citizens. The U.S. Circuit Court Judges for N.Y. wrote GW and enclosed an extract of their considerations of the Invalid Pensions Act of 1792.


10 April 1792