15 January 1790

GW in N.Y. GW wrote in his diary that it snowed all day and that Mrs. Washington hosted few guests.

GW wrote to prominent theologian Gabriel Dupare de Bellegard to clarify what Ga. property the late Gen. Oglethorpe owned. GW also responded to several letters sent by Irish politician Edward Newenham, stating his pleasure that Europe was “being pervaded by the spirit of liberty.”

Surveyor Andrew Ellicott wrote to GW describing his charting expedition into Canada and the Northwest Territory.  GW’s nephew and Mount Vernon manager George Augustine Washington wrote to him about the general workings of the farms.

Additionally, James Ewing wrote to GW asking to be renewed as the Commissioner of the Loan Office and Reviver of Continental Taxes in the State of N.J.; he later was. N.C. assembly member Clement Hall wrote asking to be appointed Surveyor for Edenton District in N.C.

15 January 1790