12 April 1791

GW at Richmond, Va. GW toured the canal with Gov. Beverley Randolph and the directors of the James River Navigation Company, of which GW was president. GW described the canal in his diary. GW also thanked the people of Richmond for their hospitality.

GW wrote to Tobias Lear that if Lear found his grandson’s school to be lacking, he should be sent somewhere else. GW asked only that his grandson go to the same school as Alexander Hamilton’s son. He also replied to Lear’s concern that slaves brought to Pa. were legally free after 6 months. GW explained that Lear must prevent the emancipation of his slaves, and to keep it secret that he was doing so. He asked Lear to send his slaves back to Mount Vernon once the 6 month mark drew near.        

Congressman Thomas Sumter, Sr. wrote to GW describing the prosperity of S.C. and welcoming him to his state.

12 April 1791