01 March 1792

GW at Philadelphia. A Ga. citizen wrote GW requesting that he stop the inhuman war against the Indians and that, if the United States truly needed the territory, they should purchase it from them.

Alexander Hamilton sent GW a draft of his report on executing the Excise Act, which put excise on distilled spirits. Reuben Harvey, who had championed American prisoners of war during the Revolution, wrote GW from Cork, Ireland expressing his distress at news of the defeats inflicted on the U.S. army by the Indians.

Thomas Jefferson wrote a memorandum of his conversations with GW, which covered GW’s desires for retirement, Jefferson’s acceptance of the office of Secretary of State, and Jefferson’s disagreements with Hamilton. Secretary of War Henry Knox sent GW a draft of a letter to Gen. Arthur St. Clair and a representation of the situation of Marietta in the Northwest Territory, written by Judge Rufus Putnam.

01 March 1792