24 January 1790

GW, in N.Y., noted in his diary that he went to St. Paul’s Chapel in the morning, and spent the afternoon writing private letters. He wrote to N.J. judge, merchant, and shipbuilder Ebenezer Tucker to discuss a prices for a tract of land GW was selling.

James Gibbon wrote to GW asking for an appointment as a collector in southern Va., which he later received. Lawyer Edward Rutledge wrote asking GW to write a letter of introduction to Lafayette for the nephew of Gen. Pinckney, which he would. Innkeeper Daniel Grant wrote saying that he hoped four ducks he was sending for Mrs. Washington would arrive safely. 

Businessman Gouverneur Morris wrote to GW from Paris, explaining that he fulfilled GW’s request to procure fashionable French tableware for him and Mrs. Washington. He proclaimed his happiness with the new U.S. Constitution and criticized the inflammatory French Revolution: “All Europe just now is like a Mine ready to explode.”


24 January 1790