08 March 1775

GW at Mount Vernon. Col. Benjamin Harrison, Francis Whiting and Catesby Woodford left before breakfast. Dr. James Craik dined at Mount Vernon and left afterwards.  

GW wrote to Daniel Jenifer Adams regarding settling his debts to GW. GW next wrote to Md. merchants Knox & Baillie that Adams would be giving him land and goods in order to settle his debts with GW; thus GW would be able to give them what GW owed them.

Chairman of the Spotsylvania County committee Fielding Lewis, having heard that GW had imported extra gunpowder for his county’s use, asked if GW could send some of it to Lewis’s county. George Mason wrote GW that he had finished the Potomack River Bill, which proposed to raise money to make the river more navigable. He added news of complications of colonists buying western lands from the Six Nations.


08 March 1775