15 May 1754

GW was near the Great Crossing of the Youghiogheny River in Pennsylvania. In the Contrecoeur copy of his diary, GW wrote that on this day he learned by letter that Gov. William Shirley of Mass. “had sent six hundred men to harass the French in Canada,” providing GW with hope that this would keep French attention away from the Ohio River.

He sent a letter to Sarah Carlyle, the wife of Maj. John Carlyle. Though the letter was lost, Mrs. Carlyle’s response on 17 June indicated his letter contained news of his health and activities.

Additionally, a note in Gov. Dinwiddie’s 4 May letter to GW stated that the North Carolina troops under command of Col. James Innes were expected to “rendezvous” with GW on this day 1754. Unfortunately, the North Carolina soldiers failed to arrive before the campaign ended on 3 July.

15 May 1754