21 July 1775

GW at American headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He wrote to Continental Congress President John Hancock informing him that Conn. and R.I. would send reinforcements, so it was unnecessary for the Congress to continue recruiting in the south. He detailed the conditions of British-occupied Boston, indicating there was very little food available and citizens were fearful. He was unable to predict the future operations of the British Army, but presented some possible options. He renewed his request for money from the Congress, and asked for the establishment of a hospital hierarchy. He also requested permission from the Congress to appoint lower level officers.

In a second letter to Hancock, GW said he was happy to give him an officer’s commission at the close of his political duties.

Brig. Gen. William Heath wrote about his regiment securing barley and hay on the Nantasket Peninsula, preventing the British from using it. They also burned down a lighthouse and took its supplies. Hearing of this incident, GW wrote about it in a third letter to Hancock.  

GW responded to Conn. Gov. Jonathon Trumbull, Sr., saying an attack could come at any time and asking for reinforcements as soon as possible. He added that the flour wasn’t urgently needed, but could be sent at his convenience.

21 July 1775