04 July 1775

GW in Cambridge, Massachusetts. GW wrote an address to the Mass. provincial congress expressing his appreciation and gratitude for their general support and faith in the army.

General Orders were made detailing newly appointed major generals for the hopeful unification of all the colonies to stand together to defend the liberties of America. It included information regarding the funeral of Col. Thomas Gardner of Cambridge who was mortally wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill on 17 June and died on 3 July, the restriction from fishing near the smallpox hospital to avoid catching the disease, injunctions against swearing and drunkenness, and instructions for how to deal with prisoners of war and deserters.  

N.Y. delegate George Clinton also wrote GW a note recommending Anthony Walton White, son of Anthony White of New Brunswick, N.J., for military service. James Warren and Joseph Hawley, president and vice president of the Mass. provincial congress, also wrote GW a letter expressing concern over the arrangement of the eight brigadier generals appointed by Congress.

04 July 1775