05 April 1797

GW at Mount Vernon.

Thomas Hatfield wrote GW asking for funds to build a “Manufactory of Cotton” in the new capital city of Washington. Hatfield’s proposal included the use of his state of the art machines and slave children from the surrounding area.  He believed this industry would be very beneficial to the welfare of the new city.

Secretary of State Timothy Pickering twice wrote GW.  One letter contained current reports on relations with Tripoli. The other enclosed letters for GW and remarked on news from France.

Isaac Price wrote GW from Mendham, N.J., asking him to review his pamphlet titled  A Jersey-Man’s Common Sense published in 1797.  If GW approved, Price would “have a number more printed.”  Love of country “and attachment to the fedral goverment” motivated Price “to break thro’ the shackles of illiteracy and poverty to take pen in hand.”

05 April 1797