19 June 1775

GW in Philadelphia for the Second Continental Congress. His commission as General and Commander-in-Chief of the United Colonies army is dated this day. He was given full power and authority to make whatever decisions he deemed necessary “for the good and Welfare” of the colonies. The Congress also required GW to act in a way that was in line with the Articles of War.

GW wrote two letters on this day. The first was to Burwell Bassett, who was married to GW’s wife Martha’s sister, Anna Maria Dandridge Bassett. GW informed Bassett of his appointment as General and Commander-in-Chief of the army, adding he could only promise three things: “a firm belief of the justice of our Cause--close attention in the prosecution of it--and the strictest Integrety.” He noted that Congress approved for there to be 15,000 men to be in the army and it voted to issue nearly $2,000,000 for wartime defense needs.

GW’s second letter was to John Parke Custis, Martha Washington’s son from her first marriage. In the letter, GW informed Custis of his appointment and that he expected him to do everything in his power to keep Martha in good spirits. GW also told Custis that he would be given full responsibility for running the Custis tobacco plantations and all the subsequent business transactions.

GW dined at Col. Ried’s home and spent the evening at home of Thomas Lynch, Sr., a S.C. planter.

19 June 1775