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28 April 1775

GW’s guests, William Hepburn, who owned a ropewalk GW had patronized, and Mr. Lloyd of Pa., left Mount Vernon.


16 January 1775

GW traveled from Mount Vernon to Alexandria, where he reviewed the Fairfax Independent Company, a voluntary militia not under the royal governor’s control, and also chose members for the Committee

15 January 1775

GW attended Pohick Church.

15 March 1775

GW left Mount Vernon for Richmond, Va. He dined in Colchester with Fairfax County Court clerk Peter Wagener and lodged at Col. Thomas Blackburn’s home.

02 March 1775

GW at Mount Vernon. He wrote in his diary that Dr. Walter Hanson Jenifer, his wife Ann, and Mrs. Sinah Ball McCarty of Pope’s Creek, Va. had dinner at Mount Vernon and stayed the night.

27 February 1775

GW at Mount Vernon.  GW and his wife Martha had hosted Mrs. Craik for the night. Her husband, GW’s personal physician Dr. James Craik, came to pick her up after breakfast.


23 April 1792

GW at Philadelphia.  GW wrote family friend Elizabeth Willing Powel about the pamphlet criticizing the departments of the executive branch she had sent him on 21 April.

21 April 1792

GW at Philadelphia. GW sent Congress the 18 April letter from the U.S. Circuit Court Judges for Pa., which ruled that the Invalid Pensions Act of 1792 was unconstitutional.

24 March 1791

In Md., GW traveled from Chester, to Rockhall, to Hornes Point, a landmark near Annapolis, by boat.

19 March 1791

GW at Philadelphia.