09 March 1792

GW at Philadelphia. GW wrote a memorandum listing all the general officers with summaries of their qualities and considerations for suitable positions, including command of another major offensive against the Indians. GW also sent Congress the account of Willink, Van Staphorst, & Hubbard on the general fund for United States diplomats serving abroad.

Alexander Hamilton sent GW a petition from Samuel Davis, along with treasury papers. Davis had illegally landed two bales of cotton on islands off Mass. and was sentenced to jail until he paid a fifty dollar fine. GW pardoned Davis in June.

Thomas Jefferson wrote a memorandum on a meeting of the department heads. They discussed how to negotiate with the British over drawing a new boundary line, military strategy and possible peace with the Indians, and how GW should respond to Gen. Arthur St. Clair’s resignation, which came after leading disastrous campaigns against the Indians.


09 March 1792