22 January 1791

GW at Philadelphia, where he commissioned Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Carroll, and David Stuart to survey the District of Territory, later Washington, D.C., under the act for the permanent location of the Government of the United States. On that topic, Daniel Carroll, of Duddington, and Md. Gov. John Eager Howard presented acts from Md. and Va. that would give the government land on which to establish the capital.

Secretary of War Henry Knox submitted a report on the status of the western frontier, particularly noting the problem of conflicting land claims in Ga. with the Choctaws and Chickasaws. He called for immediate federal action on the issue of frontier expansion.

Md. landowner Benjamin Reeder sent GW a letter offering to sell him 400 acres of land near his property in Va. Josiah Waters, a Boston merchant, wrote to GW offering his services in any public department where he would be useful.

22 January 1791