23 March 1789

GW at Mount Vernon. GW wrote his nephew, George Steptoe Washington, a long letter of advice for him to reference as he stepped into adulthood. GW lauded the values of hard work, discretion, and frugality, and stressed that his nephew must make positive first impressions on society.

GW also inquired to his friend George Mason about the character of his former driver, who was looking for employment at Mount Vernon. Mason replied the same day that the driver was talented, but mentioned his propensity to fight among the servants and his addiction to liquor.

Clement Biddle, GW’s Philadelphia business agent, replied to GW that he would endeavor to procure GW’s requested goods, including the urgently needed buckwheat. Former artillery commander Henry Knox informed GW that the House of Representatives would be assembled by next Wednesday or Thursday.


23 March 1789