31 July 1775

GW was at army headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. On the morning of 31 July 1775, there was an attack on Lighthouse Island, led by Major Tupper. GW was not directly involved, but the troops were successful in capturing enemy prisoners.

In his General Orders, GW required the commissaries to make exact lists of current stocks of provisions, and for the commanding officers of regiments and corps of the names, ranks, and dates of officer commissions.

Lt. Col. Loammi Baldwin wrote GW on this day of the boat traffic of Chelsea, Massachusetts. Baldwin attached the report from the previous day, detailing the movement of British ships. He asked whether it was sufficient for him to inspect all letters being sent from Boston.

Conn. Gov. Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. wrote that the Conn. regiments raised for the army would begin marching for Boston.

R.I. Deputy Gov., Nicholas Cooke wrote GW that he received GW’s letter sent on 26 July, alerting him of British ships on the coast. Cooke learned that the ships were intended to supply the British with fresh supplies. In defense, Cooke sent out troops to defend the area, but the British were not seen on their part of the coast.

31 July 1775