18 April 1792

GW at Philadelphia. GW’s personal secretary Tobias Lear wrote to John Rutherfurd about GW’s involvement in George Mercer’s estate, adding that GW wanted nothing further to do with it unless absolutely necessary.

Secretary of War Henry Knox wrote GW about sending soldiers to Miami Village. He enclosed speeches from Timothy Pickering and a draft of his letter Marinus Willet, asking him to reconsider accepting a commission. Commissioner for the District of Columbia David Stuart responded to GW’s 8 April letter, discussing the bridge over Rock Creek, candidates for the office of Superintendent, and architect Pierre L’Enfant’s decline of payment. The U.S. Circuit Court Judges for Pa. wrote GW that they could not fulfill the Invalid Pensions Act of 1792 because it was not constitutional.

Baltimore merchant Otho Holland Williams wrote GW apologizing if his letter of 22 March had cause GW any displeasure, since he had not received a reply.


18 April 1792