07 June 1775

GW in Philadelphia for the Second Continental Congress.  GW’s committee reported the estimate of the amount of money they needed to raised to the whole Congress.  GW paid for the arms ordered for the Prince William Independent Company.  He also bought six flasks of Florence oil, one keg of raisins, five military books, and medicines, among many other things.

GW dined at the City Tavern and spent the evening at his home.

A letter dated to GW on this day was written by James Cleveland, overseer of GW’s western lands. He updated GW about the difficult conditions of the expedition in the Kanawha survey tracts in present day West Va. near the Kanawha River. Cleveland progressed, and cleared and corned an additional 20 or 25 acres, despite difficulty clearing the land and finding rail timber. They were running out of supplies such as corn, meat, and bread.

07 June 1775