05 March 1791

GW at Philadelphia. Through his secretary, GW sent Georgetown, Md. merchant William Deakins Jr., who was involved with creating the new federal city, an enclosed advertisement to have printed in the papers for six weeks. This enclosure has since been lost.

Librarian Robert Coram sent GW a pamphlet he had written on education, which advocated a republican educational system. Wakelin Welch & Son wrote GW updating him on the status of the accounts businessman Gouverneur Morris was using to purchase items for GW in London.

John Rutledge wrote GW informing him that he was resigning his position as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Nathaniel Pendleton asked to be nominated to succeed Rutledge, complaining that his salary as a district judge was too small to support his family. He would not receive the appointment.


05 March 1791