05 April 1775

GW at Mount Vernon with the same men as the day before: lawyer James Tilghman, Jr., James Buchanan, Alexandria, Va. merchants William Herbert and John Fitzgerald, as well as Daniel Carroll, Jr.

GW wrote a letter to George Mercer, who had served under him in the French and Indian War, concerning Mercer’s mortgages and land. GW also informed Mercer that several military companies were being trained as a result of the Richmond Convention. GW also wrote a letter to Edward Montagu. In the letter, GW discussed Mercer’s difficult state of affairs, including his unease that Mercer’s sons were arguing.

GW was written a letter from William Grayson, a local lawyer. In the letter, Grayson discussed buying sashes for military officers in the Prince William Independent Company.


05 April 1775