15 April 1797

GW presumably at Mount Vernon.

Henry Lee wrote GW from Georgetown, D.C., about a bank stock transfer to complete Lee’s purchase from GW of an interest in the Dismal Swamp Company.  Lee also informed GW that he could not visit because of an election on Monday, when he sought reelection to the Virginia house of delegates from Westmoreland County.

Responding to GW’s recent request for joiners to work at Mount Vernon, GW’s nephew George Lewis, then in Fredericksburg, Va., lamented the lack of suitable prospects in his area available for hire.  He said the “blacks” are “hired in the fall for the year” and the white men he asked had families.  Lewis recommended contacting Burgess Ball, who had mentioned that his skilled workmen, presumably slaves, had been laboring in the fields “for want of employ in there profession.”

15 April 1797