Slaves and Slavery

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18 February 1775

GW left Mount Vernon for a day trip to Alexandria, Va. to meet with and exercise the Independent Company, according to his diary.

08 April 1792

GW at Philadelphia.

08 March 1792

GW at Philadelphia. GW wrote to Thomas Jefferson about encouraging the Commissioners for the District of Columbia to investigate the potential for canal navigation in the planned federal city.

14 April 1791

In Va., GW traveled from Richmond and arrived in Petersburg. In his diary, GW worried that Petersburg’s trade would decline because of a future canal.

12 April 1791

GW at Richmond, Va. GW toured the canal with Gov. Beverley Randolph and the directors of the James River Navigation Company, of which GW was president. GW described the canal in his diary.

05 April 1791

GW at Mount Vernon.

18 March 1791

GW at Philadelphia. GW responded to Martha Dangerfield Bland, widow of former soldier Dr. Theodorick Bland, explaining that he could not help her recover her runaway slave.

23 February 1791

GW at Philadelphia.

05 April 1797

GW at Mount Vernon.

30 January 1775

GW at Mount Vernon. He rode out “to see the Sick People”--presumably among his slaves--and returned “by Muddy hole,” one of his Mount Vernon farms.