22 February 1791

GW at Philadelphia. This day marked GW’s 59th birthday. A writer identified as N.G. sent the pamphlet A Scriptural Comment on the Athanasian Creed as a birthday gift, which GW later placed in his library.

GW nominated John Sevier and James Robertson as Brigadier Generals in the militias of their respective districts. Both would be approved. GW also wrote the Senate that he would arrange the ransom of U.S. citizens held captive in Algiers, Morocco, pending available funds.

Thomas Jefferson wrote to GW urging the nomination of Thomas Auldjo as Vice-consul at the port of Poole in Great Britain. Secretary of War Henry Knox wrote to GW describing the violent frontier conflicts with Indians. He recommended establishing more military posts and organizing large, offensive expeditions.

Vt. politicians Nathaniel Chapman and Lewis Morris, the nephew of Gouverneur Morris, wrote asking for government appointments in the new state of Vt. Both received positions.

22 February 1791