10 January 1791

GW at Philadelphia. GW gave the elderly Mrs. Elizabeth Haynie nine pounds to alleviate her desperate financial situation. Former French tutor John I. Sonnet wrote asking for relief for his family, which GW later provided.

GW’s nephew and secretary Robert Lewis wrote asking for GW’s permission to leave Philadelphia, marry, and live in the countryside. GW later granted this request.

Edmund Randolph, U.S. Attorney General, wrote that while opening a contract with Thomas Howells’ woolen manufactory would likely be approved by the Va. legislature, he objected to Howells’ illegally importing machines from Britain. Walter Healey wrote from Calcutta, proposing a new American Factory and soliciting the post of U.S. consul to India. He received no appointment.

The Seneca Chiefs of upstate N.Y. wrote asking to be returned some land given up by treaty. They hoped to maintain a strong friendship with the government and asked the Americans to teach them to cultivate lands, read, and write.



10 January 1791