21 February 1791

GW at Philadelphia. GW wrote to County lieutenant George Clendinen, asking his assistance in disposing his holdings along the Kanawha River. GW wrote to Queen Maria I of Portugal informing her that David Humphreys would serve as ambassador to her country.

James Madison wrote to GW expressing his belief that the proposed Bank of the United States was unconstitutional.

Joshua Barney wrote to GW soliciting an appointment, citing his nine years of military service. Barney received an appointment as a naval captain in 1794. Philadelphia merchant Daniel Benezet wrote to GW asking for an appointment for his son, and GW granted Daniel Benezet, Jr. an appointment as a revenue inspector in March 1792. Former Mass. politician George Partridge wrote to GW recommending several individuals for appointments to officers for collection of the excise tax. However, none of the recommended individuals received an appointment.

21 February 1791