17 January 1790

GW in N.Y. GW wrote in his diary, “At home all day--not well.”

R.I. general assembly member Jabez Bowen wrote notifying GW that, after a labored vote, R.I. passed a bill to consider ratifying the Constitution in a state convention.

La Luzerne, the French minister to Great Britain, wrote congratulating GW on the successes of the American Revolution and Constitution.  La Luzerne then outlined the general situation of the French Revolution, criticizing the radical elements and hoping that new efforts, including Lafayette’s leadership, could restore France to glory and secure liberty.

Former Continental Congress president Thomas McKean wrote to GW recommending that Dr. George Buchanan be commissioned as the superintendant of a new hospital at Baltimore, referencing the apparent intentions of Congress to build hospitals for seamen.


17 January 1790