27 July 1775

GW at American headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  His General Orders defined how to deal with deserters and appointed John Trumbull, Jr. as aide-de-camp to GW.

GW wrote to Continental Congress President John Hancock of British ship movements and attempts to secure fresh provisions. The army had been actively cutting off British food supplies.

In another letter to Maj. Gen. Philip Schuyler GW said he could use the three N.H. companies to join his N.Y. troops, saying he could not comply with a request from the provincial congress of N.H. that they reinforce the frontier.

In a letter to his brother, John Augustine Washington, GW described the camps in Boston in great detail. He explained that he had mainly been building defenses and he had driven the stock of beef away from Boston in order to distress the British, who were running out of fresh provisions. He explained that because of the close proximity of the two armies, the movements of both armies are quite visible.

Capt. Joshua Davis of Boston wrote GW that he returned the boats taken for the colony’s service.

27 July 1775