08 July 1775

GW at American headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  GW also wrote a letter to Lund Washington, his cousin, but the letter has yet to be found.

GW’s General Orders to the army included an order for there to be a drum in every main guard for every alarm.  They also included an order for officers from Roxbury, Mass., and Sewall’s Point, Mass., to send express messengers concerning the enemy’s movements to headquarters when an alarm had been sounded.  In addition, he ordered the same officers to immediately report any deficiencies in ammunition to headquarters.

James Hendricks, George Gilpin, and Robert Hanson Harrison, members of the Fairfax Independent Company, wrote GW a letter. The men congratulated GW on being elected as leader of the Continental Army and expressed their confidence in his ability to lead America to victory. They also stated their troops were more than willing to join the forces in Cambridge, Mass., if GW wanted their help.

08 July 1775