13 March 1792

GW at Philadelphia. Senator Aaron Burr wrote GW regarding Indian relations in the Western Territories, adding his opinion that peace was possible. Va. politician Robert Rutherford wrote GW endorsing the Indian war and suggesting strategies on how to defeat them. Thomas Jefferson wrote GW about incorporating the 10 March House resolution into GW’s letter to Louis XVI of France, which congratulated him on accepting the French constitution.

Congressman Anthony Wayne wrote GW requesting a letter from John Seagrove he had sent GW, which concerned emigration into Spanish Fla. Wayne would not later succeed in using it to disprove allegations of electoral fraud, and he would lose his House seat.  

Joseph Wanton Rhodes wrote GW asking for a job, but was never appointed to any federal position. John Wade wrote GW from Fort Washington in the Northwest Territory, thanking GW for his appointment as an ensign.


13 March 1792