14 January 1790

GW in N.Y. GW wrote in his diary that both houses of Congress came to the Presidential Residence to address himself and Cabinet. GW later that day wrote letters of thanks to the House and Senate for their addresses.

The Marquise de Lafayette wrote to GW asking if he could help her husband’s personal secretary, Maj. Joseph Léonard Poirey, become an honorary officer in the U.S. Army and a recipient of the Ribbon of Cincinnatus for his services in the Revolution. GW graciously wrote back in June that he was happy to grant the request for his good friends the Lafayettes.

U.S. Attorney General Beverley Randolph gave an assessment of the site and materials for the construction of a lighthouse on Cape Henry to GW. GW’s Philadelphia business agent Clement Biddle wrote GW’s secretary Tobias Lear to clarify GW’s need for a linen cloth for his mill and to assure him he was still working on getting GW his order of buckwheat.

14 January 1790