04 February 1792

GW at Philadelphia. GW wrote Baltimore merchant Henry Dorsey Gough acknowledging his letter of 1 Feb. 1792 and lauding his attempts to improve his breed of sheep. GW emphasized the importance of raising sheep and called it “my favorite occupation.”            

Alexander Hamilton forwarded GW a contract for repairing piers in the Delaware River. Thomas Jefferson wrote GW concerning the legality of the employment of Charles W. F. Dumas, an agent at The Hague who had been appointed during the Revolutionary War. Jefferson thought it was lawful, though it had not been reconfirmed by the new government formed in 1789.        

Businessman Gouverneur Morris wrote GW from London about the events of the French Revolution, including the rise of the Jacobins and Girondists, the Constitution of 1791, the Conference of Pillnitz, and the foreign policy of Great Britain.

04 February 1792