06 March 1775

GW at Mount Vernon. Col. Benjamin Harrison and Capt. James Wood left in the morning. Mrs. Sarah Barnes and her granddaughter Miss Betcy Ramsey stayed for breakfast but left afterward.

GW responded to William Aylett, of King William County, Va. He agreed to sign a letter of license for John Gizage Frazer because he was unable to pay his debt to GW. GW also wrote a letter to William Stevens, who was taking over development of GW’s Ohio lands. GW gave specific instructions on what to plant and build, as well as what resources he would need to bring and use. GW also wrote a letter to John Washington of Leedstown, saying he could not lend 200 pounds because cash was so scarce.

William Crawford, who had surveyed some of GW’s western lands, wrote GW a letter offering him help and assistance on improvements of this land.


06 March 1775