04 January 1790

GW in N.Y. He wrote in his diary that he would address Congress, partly about Indian affairs, when it reached a quorum. He wrote to the House of Representatives telling them as such. He also wrote to Alexander Hamilton, thanking him for his lighthouse report and returning the letter from Gov. Samuel Johnston that described N.C.’s adoption of the Constitution.   

Christian Charles de Klauman wrote asking to be paid for his commission in the Continental army artillery, claiming support from Lafayette and Steuben.

Secretary of War Henry Knox wrote a long letter to GW about the tense U.S. relations with the Creek Indians, suggesting possible courses of action. James Madison wrote an update to GW about the Va. Assembly’s discussion of Constitutional amendments. He also informed GW that while Thomas Jefferson felt confident about the international duties of the Secretary of State, he was uneasy about the domestic ones.

04 January 1790