24 January 1791

GW at Georgetown. GW submitted Knox’s 22 Jan. report on frontier skirmishes with Indians to Congress for discussion.

GW wrote to Congress to announce that ten square miles of land in Md. had been chosen for the permanent capital of the United States. GW also issued an official proclamation declaring the location of the capital. As an additional measure, GW wrote to Georgetown, Md. merchants William Deakins, Jr. and Benjamin Stoddert, enclosing the boundaries for the capital and asking them to make the information “public with all expedition.”

Louis Lagrenade from Grenada wrote GW a letter asking him to verify the authenticity of an address that gave permission for the free colored people of Grenada to immigrate to the American southeast. When he received this letter in June, GW asked Thomas Jefferson’s opinion on it; Jefferson recommended that GW not involve the United States in the island’s domestic issues.

24 January 1791