28 July 1775

GW at American headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  In his General Orders, GW requested that surgeons of several regiments submit an official report of the sick in their respective regiments to the Adjutant General, as requested on 24 July 1775.

GW wrote to Gen. Philip Schuyler, telling him he has received his letters from 15 July 1775 and 18 July 1775, and advising Schuyler on how to handle his troops in Ticonderoga, New York.  He stated that conditions are improving, and stresses patience and perseverance. GW tells Schuyler that the British are still stationed at Bunker Hill, Mass., and Roxbury, Mass., but is unaware of their future intentions.

Lt. Col. Loammi Baldwin wrote from Chelsea, Mass., giving GW a report of the ship traffic in Boston Harbor.

28 July 1775