11 March 1791

GW at Philadelphia. GW wrote to Daniel Carroll explaining that poor road conditions could delay his meeting with Carroll and the other federal district commissioners at Georgetown, Md. Thomas Jefferson prepared a memorandum for this meeting, which included a sketch of the proposed federal city.

Secretary of War Henry Knox wrote an address in GW’s name to the Miami Indians recommending that they stop their attacks, else provoke the ire of the U.S. and its allied tribes. John Jay wrote to GW, relaying that Clarkson Freeman had confessed to being part of the Crane ring, a gang forging U.S. currency and securities. Jay recommended GW pardon Freeman in exchange for further information on his associates.

Alexandria Academy trustee Samuel Hanson and Presbyterian pastor James Muir wrote that the Alexandria Academy, which GW had donated generously to, was doing well.

11 March 1791