02 January 1790

GW in N.Y. In his diary, GW noted that he read Alexander Hamilton’s report on the Department of Finance, and that he had tea with Chief Justice John Jay. He wrote to thank the South Carolina Society of Cincinnati for their critical Revolutionary War service, receiving their congratulations on his election with “emotions of peculiar satisfaction.”

Mathew Clarkson, former Continental army auditor, wrote wishing to be appointed as a commissioner. Samuel Huntington, Governor of Conn., wrote a job recommendation for Yale graduate Dudley Woodbridge, which would be to no avail. Samuel Shaw, the first American consul to China, wrote asking to be reappointed to his position, and he later was.   

Former French officer La Rouërie wrote to GW requesting that French officers be paid for their Continental army service. He then compared the French and United States revolutions: “you have fought Bravely...we have murdered most cowardly…”

02 January 1790