26 February 1792

GW regarding architect Pierre L’Enfant’s embarrassing conduct. He assured GW that they had done their best to work with him in establishing the federal city, but would have to resign rather than continue doing so. GW wrote to Thomas Jefferson concerning L’Enfant and the letter he had sent that blamed his conflict with these commissioners on them. GW requested a meeting with Jefferson, James Madison, and Attorney General Edmund Randolph for the following day to make a decision regarding this issue. GW later directed Hamilton to tell L’Enfant that if he could not work with the commissioners, his services would no longer be required.

In another letter to Jefferson, GW returned a report on projected negotiations with Spain, including boundaries and Mississippi navigation rights.

Alexandria, Va. merchant William Hunter, Jr. wrote GW recommending Capt. Nicholas Hannah for military service. GW appointed Hannah to be a captain in the army in March.

26 February 1792