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07 June 1775

GW in Philadelphia for the Second Continental Congress.  GW’s committee reported the estimate of the amount of money they needed to raised to the whole Congress.

06 February 1792

GW at Philadelphia. GW’s personal secretary Tobias Lear wrote to tailor Hercules Mulligan on GW’s behalf, seeking black mole skin, presumably for breeches.

03 April 1797

GW at Mount Vernon, where he wrote his step-grandson George Washington Parke Custis with an update on mansion repairs and praised him for his improved writing.

03 February 1790

GW in N.Y. GW wrote in his diary that he viewed the house, leased by Alexander Macomb, to which he had decided to move his presidential residence.

01 February 1790

GW in N.Y. GW wrote in his diary that he decided to rent the former Minister from France’s house in N.Y. as his new presidential residence.

31 January 1790

GW in N.Y. In the morning, GW went to church at St. Paul’s Chapel. James Wilson—an associate judge of the Supreme Court—paid his respects to GW after he returned from church.

08 April 1797

GW presumably at Mount Vernon.

15 March 1789

From Mount Vernon, GW wrote Clement Biddle, to whom he trusted his Philadelphia business interests. He lamented that Biddle did not ship the buckwheat he wanted as fertilizer.

10 April 1789

GW at Mount Vernon.

08 April 1789

GW at Mount Vernon. GW wrote a note to Daniel Hinsdale, an agent for the Hartford Woolen Manufactory, thanking him for the fine fabric sample he had sent.