17 July 1775

GW at American headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His soldiers were informed that ignorance of commands given in his daily General Orders was not an acceptable excuse for delinquency. He announced the General Court Martial led by Col. John Nixon was to try prisoners the following morning, including Capt. Benjamin Perkins for his charge of mutiny, and concerned persons should attend.

Continental Congress Va. delegate Patrick Henry wrote GW a letter informing him of Newport merchant Benjamin Ellery’s wish to visit the camp.

R.I. Gov. Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. wrote GW a letter informing him that he intended to send more troops to join the Continental Army in response to the arrival of British reinforcements, as well as 1391 barrels of flour for the use of the army. Hunking Wentworth, of the Portsmouth Committee of Safety, wrote GW stating anyone wanting admittance into the army camp would need a pass.

17 July 1775