08 January 1791

GW at Philadelphia. GW wrote a letter to William Washington, his second cousin, stating his intentions to visit the southern states in the spring and to not discommode private families by lodging with them.

Soldier George Gibson wrote asking for a certificate confirming orders he received about troop reenlistments during the Revolution.

Territorial judge Rufus Putnam wrote GW detailing an Indian attack in Ohio that killed 14 people. Putnam implored for government protection for his community.

Timothy Pickering, former adjutant general in the Continental army, wrote GW advocating for the education of Indians in reading, writing, and arithmetic in order to teach them the art of husbandry and civilization slowly. GW was impressed, and offered him the post of superintendent of Indian affairs for the Northern Department, which Pickering ultimately declined.

Alexander Hamilton reported to GW a contract made for furnishing the lighthouse on New Castle Island for the price of $555.99.


08 January 1791