26 July 1775

GW at American headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. GW warned R.I. Deputy Gov. Nicholas Cooke of possible attacks along the coasts.  GW wrote a letter to his friend and neighbor George William Fairfax in England, informing him that he should hire another attorney to oversee his Va. affairs, as GW would now be too busy to do so.  

GW was written by the Va. delegates that Donald Campbell had accepted an appointment as deputy Quartermaster General for the N.Y. department. Col. Campbell himself wrote to inform GW that he would join Gen. Philip Schuyler in N.Y., but asked to fight with GW and for a higher rank.

GW was written on this day by the Va. delegates recommending lawyer Edmund Randolph for GW’s army.

In his General Orders, GW recommended that officers build barracks to prepare for the cold weather, to clear a home for use as a hospital, that they had to accompany anyone crossing the camp lines, and that no one was permitted to fire small arms.

26 July 1775