12 July 1775

GW at American headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In his General Orders for the day, GW issued a court martial for Col. James Scammans for incompetence; he was later cleared of the charges. GW also established the process for escorting a messenger from the British.

Four letters were written to GW on this day. The first was from Nicholas Cooke, deputy governor of Rhode Island. In the letter, Cooke expressed his support for GW and assured GW that he would assist him in every way possible. The second letter was from the Mass. Committee of Supplies, but it has not been found. The third letter was from a Va. delegate at the Second Continental Congress, Edmund Pendleton, which informed GW of decision made by Congress.  

Congress voted to accept two rifle companies from Lancaster, Pa. instead of one. The fourth letter was from the Va. delegates at the Congress, recommending George Baylor, whose father had served during the French and Indian War, for military service.

12 July 1775