10 July 1775

GW at American headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In his General Orders for the day, GW detailed the punishment of Col. William Prescott for abuse.  He declared that when court martialed, the accused must attend it punctually.  He ordered all colonels of Mass. regiments to nominate one man to lead the recruiting process.

GW wrote four letters today. GW informed Richard Henry Lee, a Va. delegate at the Second Continental Congress, of the army’s dangerous lack of strength relative to the British. The second letter was to Capt. Benjamin Harrison, but it has not been found. The third letter was to Ma. politician James Warren, explaining the army needed immediate reinforcement. The fourth was a long letter to Second Continental Congress President John Hancock, describing his journey from Philadelphia to Cambridge, Mass., expressing his dire need for more funds for the army, and describing the state of the army.

Three letters were written to GW on this day. Hancock expressed his hope for later appointment to a position in the army. Brig. Maj. Alexander Scammell wrote requesting supplies be sent to Winter Hill, New Hampshire.  Brig. Gen. John Thomas informed GW of a suspected Loyalist, William Lightly, who was on board a ship bound for Boston.

10 July 1775