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Title Daily Entry
16 January 1775

GW traveled from Mount Vernon to Alexandria, where he reviewed the Fairfax Independent Company, a voluntary militia not under the royal governor’s control, and also chose members for the Committee

13 January 1775

GW at Mount Vernon. He reported in his diary that he was home alone all day.

03 April 1791

GW at Mount Vernon.

31 March 1797

GW presumably at Mount Vernon.

03 April 1797

GW at Mount Vernon, where he wrote his step-grandson George Washington Parke Custis with an update on mansion repairs and praised him for his improved writing.

03 February 1790

GW in N.Y. GW wrote in his diary that he viewed the house, leased by Alexander Macomb, to which he had decided to move his presidential residence.

07 April 1797

GW at Mount Vernon, where he wrote James Anderson of Scotland (a renowned agriculturist, economist, and thinker) and asked him to find a Scottish gardener who would work and live at Mount Vernon.