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Title Daily Entry
17 April 1775

GW in Alexandria, Va., and Mount Vernon. He traveled with Col. George Mason to elect delegates to the Va. Convention from Fairfax County. GW and Charles Broadwater were re-elected.


10 April 1775

GW at Mount Vernon. He wrote in his diary that he was at home alone all day.

16 January 1775

GW traveled from Mount Vernon to Alexandria, where he reviewed the Fairfax Independent Company, a voluntary militia not under the royal governor’s control, and also chose members for the Committee

09 January 1775

GW at Mount Vernon all day. Dr. William Rumney, who had stayed overnight, left after breakfast.  Another visitor, “Mrs. Newman,”  also “went away after Breakfast.”


22 July 1754

GW in Williamsburg, Virginia. While the exact duration of his stay is unknown, he did arrive in Alexandria, Va. during the first days of Aug. 1754.

03 April 1775

GW at Mount Vernon. He wrote a letter to Va. Gov. Lord Dunmore about the Proclamation of 1754, which had asked volunteers to serve in the army in return for land east of the Ohio River.

27 March 1775

GW returned to Richmond after staying in Wilton, Va. the previous day. He dined at Va. politician Richard Adams’s home.

20 March 1775

GW reached Richmond for the Second Va. Convention at around 11:00 a.m. He dined at the house of Richard Adams, a successful merchant and entrepreneur.

13 March 1775

GW at Mount Vernon. He dined with Capt. Daniel McCarty.


06 March 1775

GW at Mount Vernon. Col. Benjamin Harrison and Capt. James Wood left in the morning. Mrs. Sarah Barnes and her granddaughter Miss Betcy Ramsey stayed for breakfast but left afterward.